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Holiday Introductory Specials

Holiday Introductory Specials


November/December 2014

FREE Aesthetician Consults

25% OFF Facials/Peels

15% OFF All SkinMedica Products

FREE Facials for all Injectables or Cosmetic Surgeries (post op)






An Amazing Year So Far, Because of You – A Letter from Dr. Poulter

Between a new office look, a new staff member, new services and new technology, 2014 kicked into high gear early. Learn more, and take part in our special thank you to you!
Read entire article

Five Fun Tips to BRIGHTEN Your New Year!

Five Fun Tips to BRIGHTEN Your New Year!

Who doesn't want glowing, bright skin to start their New Year off right? Here are 5 ways to get that glow back in your skin!
Read entire article

Hydration for the Holidays

Hydration for the Holidays

Winter is just around the corner, and for most people that means dry, cracking skin. Beat the winter blues with these 5 simple steps!
Read entire article

'People have choices': Options beyond breast removal for women with high risk for cancer

Dr. Poulter weighs in on the options available to women that have a high risk of getting cancer. He addresses the option of breast reconstruction using a new, specially shaped implant that is more natural looking. Read entire article

Innovation in Plastic Surgery Article

The Newest Innovation in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Poulter teams up with Senara Health and Healing Center to provide his patients with services that are designed to enhance their treatment and results. Senara's amenities and services will be utilized to assist his patients in preparation for consultation and procedures by giving them access to a health spa and tranquil garden. Read entire article

A Higher Level of Care Article

A Higher Level of Care

Learn how Dr. Poulter and his new associate Dr. Paige Holt provide excellent patient care through a personalized approach to breast enhancement, body contouring and more. Plastic surgery after weight loss, mommy makeovers, and other procedures are featured. Read entire article

Redefining Self Image Article

Redefining Self-Image

Dr. Poulter is featured in Health Cells Magazine for his cosmetic surgery and post weight loss plastic surgery work. Did you know that during his time in practice Dr. Poulter has treated over 16,000 patients? Learn more about him in this profile. Read entire article

Business Connection Magazine Cover

Dr. Poulter Provides Care, Comfort, & Radiant Results

Discover how Dr. Poulter helps to boost his patients' confidence while achieving beautiful results. In this article from Business Connection magazine, Dr. Poulter talks about how he creates a unique experience for each and every patient. Read entire article

Rejuvenating Lives One Patient at a Time Article

Rejuvenating Lives One Patient at a Time

Advanced facial techniques are creating beautiful and balanced results, providing patients with increased self-esteem and a healthful outlook on life. Read entire article

Arm Lift Model Image

Bat Wings and Dingle Dang

Bat Wings and Dingle Dang are not the scientific names, but we all know what we are talking about...that extra skin and fat that hangs off your arm making it impossible to wear a short sleeved or sleeveless blouse. In this article, Dr. Poulter discusses arm lift surgery and the return of short-sleeved shirts. Read entire article

Tummy Tuck Model Image

Tummy Tucks for All Sizes

Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the one contouring operation that can be done for patients of all sizes and shapes. Some women, despite their best intentions of aggressive exercise and good nutrition just can't seem to get their stomachs in the shape they desire through weight loss. Read entire article

Body Contouring Contributes to Health Self-Image Article

Body Contouring Contributes to Health Self-Image

Explore the link between a beautiful body and a healthy self-image in this issue of Healthy Cells Magazine. Dr. Poulter talks about his background and his commitment to the Peoria medical community, and give 6 steps you need to take prior to plastic surgery. Read entire article

Body Contouring Model Image

How Your Fitness Impacts Your Body Contouring Surgery

Dr. Poulter discusses how most body contouring procedures have the best outcomes if the patient is at their goal weight before surgery. This includes breast surgeries as well as liposuction and tummy tucks. Imagine having your breasts reduced and then losing 40 pounds. Read entire article

After Weight Loss Model Image

You've Lost the Weight! What's Next?

Many patients who have lost significant weight are left with extensive amounts of extra skin that no longer moves with them but dangles from their trunk and extremities. Dr. Poulter discusses what a body contouring plastic surgeon can do to get you the sleek figure and single digit sizes you want. Read entire article

Breast Augmentation Model Image

How to Achieve the Look that's Just Right for You

What is the perfect breast shape and size? It's whatever is right for you. But, is it attainable? I guess it depends on how long you've been waiting. As a teen you waited and watched for something. As a young woman you applied the goldilocks assessment: Too small? Too big? Just right? Read entire article

Pain Management Model Image

Optimize Results of Surgery by Minimizing Pain

Patients who have minimal pain have fewer complications, feel less nauseated, and are about to return to normal activities earlier. Since Dr. Poulter began practicing sixteen years ago, patient care has improved dramatically, thanks to the improvements in pain management. Read entire article

Mommy Makeover Model Image

An Option Your Mom Never Had: Mommy Makeover

Dr. Poulter had the honor of speaking at the Mothers of Multiples monthly meeting. The topic of most interest was in regaining the figure that had changed drastically following pregnancy. Having twins, triplets, or even quintuplets only accentuates the changes the body undergoes following pregnancy. Read entire article

Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders

Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders

Dr. Poulter raises awareness of the women's health issue of disproportionately large breasts Breast reduction surgery almost always gives immediate relief of the symptoms associated with abnormally large breasts. Read entire article

How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Surgeon for You

If you are considering a cosmetic tweak, be sure to look into the credentials and experience of the physician performing the procedure. In this article, Dr. Poulter discusses what qualifications to look for in a plastic surgeon before you go under the knife. Read entire article

Facial Rejuvenation Without Surgery

From topical treatments to aggressive peels, Dr. Poulter discusses the popular forms of non-surgical facial rejuvenation available to patients who want to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside. Read entire article

Feeling Good About You

How many times have you had someone compliment you, making you feel on top of the world all day? Feeling good about yourself is important to enjoying your time here on earth. Self esteem can come from a job well done, accomplishing an athletic feat, serving others, or just from making it through the day (and having the confidence you will get through the next). Read entire article


The Solution to Lovelier Eyelashes

In this article, Dr. Poulter, introduces LATISSE® as a new way to make your eyelashes long, thicker and darker. LATISSE is the newest offering that produced longer and thicker lashes in each of the patients that continued its use for two months or more in a clinical trial of over 750 patients. Read entire article

If you would like to discuss your cosmetic goals with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Poulter, click here to request a consultation. Or you can call Dr. Poulter's office at (309) 663-1222 or Toll Free (888) 841-4108 and one of our helpful staff members will assist you.